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Solution Brief: A Virtual Central Office Results in Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Jun 18, 2018 In OPNFV, Publications, Resources

Central offices (COs) provide critical access/aggregation networking services (e.g. for cable, fiber, DSL, wireless customers) and there are more than 10,000 COs in the United States alone. Network services in a central office have traditionally been built using proprietary, complex and single-function boxes but that is changing with the advent…

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Solution Brief: The Open Compute Project and OPNFV are at the Forefront of Open Source Networking Integration

Mar 26, 2018 In Publications, Resources

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, is a once-in-a-generation disruption that will completely transform how networks are built and operated. Open source has revamped how enterprises build out their IT systems and there is is a clear preference for open source technologies in NFV deployments...

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Solution Brief: Harmonizing Open Source and Standards: An ONAP Case Study

Mar 26, 2018 In Publications, Resources

As part of the broader evolution of open networking, LF Networking projects have been working closely with a range of networking standards groups to align complementary efforts...

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ACG report: The Impact of Open Source Technologies on the Communication Service Provider Vendor Ecosystem

Mar 26, 2018 In Publications

There is a massive shift underway in carrier sourcing and design strategies, with open source-first philosophies unequivocally at their core...

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