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About LF Networking

Today’s Open Networking Industry

The modern organization has data and users located everywhere. This is impacting the performance and security needs of IT networks across the globe, along with compelling user experiences and new revenue paths—all central to ‘digital transformation’. Networking technology plays a pivotal role in this digital transformation and among them, three networking transformations will disrupt our planet from 2020-2030: 5G, edge computing, and cloud native application development. Any one of these disruptions can be overwhelming to comprehend, let alone to leverage in totality in a rapid and affordable way. Inherently, software complexity is a key challenge to implementing the full capabilities of these technologies and this is where open source comes into play. Leverage you must: adapt or perish.

LF Networking Vision

Our software & projects provide platforms and building blocks for Network Infrastructure & Services across Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Enterprises, Vendors, System Integrators that enable rapid interoperability, deployment & adoption.

At LF Networking, we firmly believe open source technology is the only viable path to truly scale software so that businesses, government agencies, education institutions, service providers—and the OEMs, ISVs and system integrators that support them—can achieve operational and revenue value in a timely and cost-effective manner. Open source software also motivates leading edge development with vulnerability detection and code design best practices with security built in from the ground up.

Founded in January 2018, LF Networking is the center of gravity for collaboration—through a broad industry coalition—so the entire world can access networking innovations and achieve digital transformation. No single company could accomplish what is delivered through LF Networking. Companies of all sizes and types can rely on a breadth of commercially-ready ecosystem offerings based on LF Networking innovations. Learn more in the LFN Charter.

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Networking digital transformation is a right, not a privilege. We make it so.
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