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We firmly believe open source technology is the only viable path to truly scale software so that businesses, government agencies, education institutions, service providers—and the OEMs, ISVs and system integrators that support them—can achieve operational and revenue value in a timely and cost-effective manner. Open source software also motivates leading edge development with vulnerability detection and code design best practices with security built in from the ground up.

Founded in January 2018, LF Networking is the center of gravity for collaboration—through a broad industry coalition—so the entire world can access networking innovations and achieve digital transformation. No single company could accomplish what is delivered through LF Networking. Companies of all sizes and types can rely on a breadth of commercially-ready ecosystem offerings that are based on LF Networking innovations.

Speed Your Time to Market

Open source has now become the de facto way to build software to speed up software development. Working within the LF Networking community, developers have access to the broadest set of open source networking capabilities and integration points and can leverage this community-driven work to develop and onboard networking software in simpler, more efficient ways. This streamlines development and speeds up time to market for network services and infrastructure, for both private and public networks alike. Businesses, service providers and government agencies have the confidence that they can rely on community-built, interoperable solutions to support their end user needs.

Make Money

Software defined networks, virtualization, disaggregation, and the dawn of brings a plethora of new opportunities for new service development and new revenue streams. This is particularly true of open source, where new innovations in open source projects are driving new frameworks and paradigms for what’s possible. At the same time, operations need to run smoothly and can’t afford costly or time-consuming software upgrades. Working in the LF Networking community prevents unnecessary duplication of common networking components and technology that companies need to develop and deploy, helping you reduce or optimize capital and operating expenditures. By leveraging work within the community, you gain simpler, more cost-efficient ways to develop and onboard software and can leverage a broad choice of vendors to reduce lock in. The community is constantly improving both the requirements and the testing against these requirements which removes the guesswork, saving both time and money.

Stay Cutting Edge

Innovation happens faster in an open, collaborative forum where ideas are crowdsourced, shared and quickly iterated upon. The LF Networking community is fostering a new wave of open source practitioners across the entire value chain and is an innovation competency that the industry can rely on. Open source software, by definition, also motivates leading edge development with vulnerability detection & code design best practices. With this open access to incredible networking innovations, retailers can find new ways to optimize inventory, manufacturers can improve defect detection and connect their factories for real-time decision making, and many other sectors can benefit.

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