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2020 was certainly a challenging year around the globe. But challenges also bring opportunities. Working together, the LFN Community found new ways to innovate, collaborate, and advance the state of the art in open source networking. The results of our efforts have exceeded expectations.

This 26-page, detailed report recaps the highlights and achievements of 2020 while offering insights from LFN community leaders on where the project and the open source networking industry is headed in 2021 and beyond.

Table of Contents:

  • 2020 LFN Technical Community Metrics
  • Message from the LFN Board
  • 2020 Governing Board
  • 2020 LFN Members
  • A Year Like No Other: Open Source Networking Now Stronger Than Ever
  • Strategic Planning Committee Update
  • End User Advisory Group Update: Voice of the End User
  • Technical Advisory Council Update
  • Marketing Advisory Council Update: If you Want To Go Far, Go Together
  • 2020 Market Impact