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EMCO 22.06: pushing the boundaries of multi-cluster application orchestration

Jul 20, 2022 In Blog, EMCO

The focus on application infrastructure automation sets EMCO apart from most other orchestrators. EMCO has a broad vision for end-to-end orchestration that includes not only the deployment of complex workloads in a wide range of scenarios, but also automation of the infrastructure needed by such workloads ranging from networking and…

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ONAP Issues Jakarta Release with expanded Security, O-RAN alignment, 5G enhancements, and more

Jul 5, 2022 In Blog, ONAP

We are pleased to announce that the ONAP community has issued its tenth release, ONAP Jakarta! We’ve maintained our cadence of two major releases per year and the community has really hit its stride as we continue into our fifth year as a project! It’s the ongoing, collaborative spirit of…

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What’s New in EMCO 22.03?

Jun 2, 2022 In Blog, EMCO

By Sandeep Sharma , LFN community member at Aarna Networks The Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestrator (EMCO) open source project, part of the Linux Foundation Networking umbrella, is a software framework for intent-based deployment of cloud-native applications to a set of Kubernetes clusters, spanning enterprise data centers, multiple cloud service providers and…

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Anuket Assured’s Compliance & Verification Committee Welcomes New Leadership

May 31, 2022 In Anuket, Blog

Linux Foundation Networking is pleased to announce the 2022 election of Olivier Smith as Chair of the Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC), as well as Yan Yang and Kanagaraj Manickam to the positions of Co-Chairs.  We would like to express our appreciation to Lincoln Lavoie, Marc Price, and Yan Yang…

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