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AI is a hot topic across the industry, with lots of questions still  –  like, how will it impact organizations? How will businesses adapt? How can we leverage it to our benefit? LFN, as the nexus for open source networking software development, is naturally positioned to build next generation tools for network operators. We posted recently about the LFN AI Task Force and the work we’re doing as a community to harness opportunities and stay at the cusp of innovation, and as a follow-up, want to share some highlights of what to expect on AI during this year’s ONE Summit. 

Happening April 29-May 1 in San Jose, CA the event (now going on 10 years plus of bringing network innovation to life) brings the AI content in. In fact, we have an entire track focused on AI implementation: “AI Implementation Across Telecom, Cloud and Enterprise & Edge,” featuring the latest and greatest innovations on AI for Networking and Networking for AI: 

Discuss your successes and challenges in deploying AI with peers from around the world. Whether you’re taking your first steps in building “AI for Network” or “Network for AI,” or whether you have implemented successfully, this track will be a platform to explore what our industry’s focus should be.

It’s not just the one track where attendees can experience the latest in AI — the entire event will be infused with AI discussions as it’s poised to impact almost every aspect of our technology. The output of the work from the LFN community and surrounding ecosystem will be shown at ONE Summit as a concrete call to action for the industry. 

Read below for a highlight of some of the AI content to be featured at ONE Summit – and register today to attend and be part of this digital transformation!

Key AI sessions:

Tuesday, April 30

Wednesday, May 1