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Learn how NSFOCUS built a new generation high-performance data-plane processing engine for network security based on VPP


ONAP London is Here!

The community's 12th release brings added ORAN integration, improvements to CNF orchestration, and closed-loop autonomous networks that are intent-driven.


LFN Developer & Testing Forum: Budapest!

Join the LFN ecosystem developer community in Budapest, Hungary November 13-16, 2023 to collaborate on the future of open networking across the stack.


White Paper: The Ecosystem for Open Gateway NaaS API Devlopment

A new, collaborative white paper from LF Networking, CAMRA, GSMA, and TM Forum

5G Super Blueprint

A community-driven initiative demonstrating end-to-end use case architectures across Enterprise, Cloud, and Telecom.


Get Started

LFN projects are open to everyone and participating in the technical communities is the best way to get familiar with them.


User Stories

LFN projects are transforming the open networking ecosystem and enabling digital transformation.


LF Networking Projects

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