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Linux Foundation Networking Executive Director Arpit Joshipura opened ONE Summit Regional Day in Vancouver this past May with a summary of open source networking trends.

Arpit Joshipura discusses trends in open source networking

As a forum for the sharing of ideas in open source, ONE Summit Regional Day in Vancouver set the bar for future events with industry experts sharing their journeys through open source. Arpit Joshipura opened the proceedings with an overview of LF Networking’s privileged position within The Linux Foundation and in open source networking. He then followed up with a discussion of trends in open source networking and how they are helping to solve problems within specific technology areas and markets.


Open source originally drove the disaggregation of software stacks by focusing on the development of analogous software products in the open. Suddenly, organizations could choose their solutions based on their needs without being locked in to proprietary vendor solutions. This has brought about a complexity that requires systems integrators to integrate the various components selected by users – a re-aggregation trend. Because of this, collaboration between standards organizations and the open source community is important. LF Networking has engaged with many standards organizations to help facilitate these integration activities.

Open sourcification of vertical industries

The second trend discussed is the open sourcification of vertical industries. Arpit explains that open-source projects, regardless of their affiliation, can come together to provide solutions for specific vertical industries. This has the effect of driving digital transformation in vertical industries that have traditionally been focused on proprietary vendor solutions; manufacturing, energy, and retail have become large consumers of open-source solutions. This has the potential to further drive digital transformation in these industries and to spark an open source revolution in laggard industries.

Security in open source networking

The third trend is the increased focus on security. Security is a top priority in open source and explains the need for a structured approach to open-source security. The concept of a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) is a way to track and trace software packages to ensure their authenticity of critical components, automated tooling, and training. The open source community has proven that open source is one of the fastest and most effective ways of identifying and resolving security issues in code.

Markets merging

The fourth trend is the merging of markets, specifically enterprise, cloud, and telecom. These markets are no longer working in isolation and are collaborating heavily on open source and new use cases. The concept of network-as-a-service (NaaS) was born to facilitate consumption of the network and illustrates the advantages of collaboration between telcos and cloud providers. Some argue that enterprises are only consumers of networking services, but all enterprises operate local area networks that are interconnected with wide area network technologies making them prime candidates for NaaS products.

About ONE Summit Regional Days and The Linux Foundation Networking

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