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As part of the broader evolution of open networking, the Linux Foundation networking projects have been working closely with
a range of networking standards groups to align complementary efforts. This work has been described in “Harmonization 2.0: How Open Source and Standards Bodies Are Driving Collaboration Across IT” and “Harmonizing Open Source and Standards in the Telecom World” in 2017.

Following the direction, in 2018, “Harmonizing Open Source and Open Standards: A Case Study of ONAP” provides a closer look at the ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) project within the Linux Foundation in order to provide concrete details about what standards might be related for ONAP project and what ONAP is doing on harmonizing open source and Open Standards.

This paper elaborates in more detail about the progress and status along the way from both the open source community
and the standard organizations perspectives. We leverage various community use-cases/blueprints as the vehicle and focus on three areas of ONAP-related industry standards and best practices: architecture, model-driven approaches, and APIs. By sharing our experiences to date, we hope to stimulate broader industry contributions towards shared objectives.