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The telecommunications landscape is rapidly evolving, and at the heart of this transformation is the adoption of cloud-native technologies. LF Networking’s Cloud Native Telecom Initiative is leading the charge, bringing together telco networking and cloud native thought leaders to foster confidence and drive adoption. We combined forces with CNCF’s Telco SIG and are actively pursuing certifications, best practices and test catalogs to aid in cloud native acceleration. 

As we look towards a future shaped by these technologies,  ONE Summit 2024 stands as a crucial congregation point for industry professionals eager to delve into the possibilities and innovations that cloud native networking solutions offer.

Featured Cloud Native Sessions at ONE Summit

While cloud native transformation is a major theme of ONE Summit, the agenda also features a series of sessions dedicated to exploring various facets of cloud native technology. 

Dive deeper into the future of telecom with: Evolving Together: Cloud Native Telecom’s Journey Forward

This session highlights the journey from the inception of LF Networking’s Cloud Native Telecom program to its achievements in developing a Test Catalog and Certification Program. These milestones pave the way for a more unified, efficient, and scalable telecom infrastructure poised for future advancements.

Additional Cloud Native Sessions

The summit also features an array of other sessions designed to cater to various interests and expertise levels within the cloud-native ecosystem:

These sessions represent just a glimpse of what attendees can expect at the ONE Summit 2024. Each session is crafted to provide valuable insights, foster discussion, and encourage collaboration among participants.

Please join us for even more cloud native content! For more information and to register for ONE Summit, please visit the official schedule and registration pages.