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Case Study: LF Networking (LFN) Projects Power Next Generation Orange Networks

Orange is a leading telecommunications company with headquarters in France. It boasts 273M customers worldwide, 152,000 employees and a revenue of €41B (2017). They are the largest telecoms operator in France, with the bulk of their operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Orange has an ambitious, forward-looking strategy fueled by research and innovation and has announced 5G trials in France for 2018 and aims to deliver an operational 5G network by 2020. ONAP, OPNFV and ODL are critical components of Orange’s next generation SDN/NFV initiatives to enable 5G, big data, AI and IoT network services.

“At Orange, we are using open source to speed up the industrialisation (hardening) of technology and ensuring open APIs — to help us partner and create new opportunities to deliver a better customer experience. LFN projects help solve some of the challenges that come with SDN/NFV by reducing the time and effort required for network transformation, specifically in the areas of simplified and automated operations, NFV Infrastructure/VNF validation and onboarding, network service design/onboarding and interoperability.”
– Jehanne Savi, Executive Leader of the All-IP and On-demand Networks Programmes