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The LF Networking (LFN) End User Advisor Group (EUAG) is publishing this document to identify and highlight the latest thinking and recommendations for building and supporting intelligent networking and the tools needed to achieve it. It will touch on the state of automation and adoption of intelligent networking tools by telecom operators. This is a new area for many in the telecom industry, so the focus will be on the requirements, tools and approaches that have been deployed, and some potential future scenarios for intelligent networking and AI/ML tools. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Fundamental issues and challenges that might be solved by applying Intelligent networking technology
  • Establish a definition of intelligent networking
  • The promotion of intelligent networking transformations
  • Results from a February 2021 survey of telecom operators and vendors in the industry ecosystem about the current state of industry adoption
  • How intelligent networking might be incorporated into networks and processes to improve operations and ensure that the solutions work as expected in production network environments
  • Recommended approaches and the potential for open source projects to contribute to the next generation of intelligent networking tools

To learn more about these findings, please thee Webinar on Demand: Intelligent Networking and the Thoth Project – Where do we go from here? (Beth Cohen, Verizon; Lei Huang, China Mobile; Sridhar K N Rao; Spirent; Yuhan Zhang, China Mobile). | Get the Slides Here | View the Video Here.