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LF Networking (LFN) represents the largest set of networking projects with the broadest community in the industry that collaborate on the many challenges and opportunities in the open source networking stack. Since forming in January 2018, it has grown to over 100 members that represent ~70% of the world’s mobile subscribers. Network operators like AT&T, China Mobile, China Telecom, and Orange are deeply engaged in the technical work of the community, and some of that innovation will be on display at the LF Networking booth at ONS Europe, Sept 23 – 25, 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The ONS Europe CFP collected a record number of submissions this year for speaking as well as for community-driven demos. Accordingly, we’ve expanded the number of demo stations from 10 to 12 and highlight innovations from 7 of the 8 LFN projects from within the LF Networking umbrella (, ONAP, OPNFV, OpenDaylight, OpenSwitch, PNDA, and Tungsten Fabric), as well as projects from adjacent technology stacks, including Collectd, DPDK, HAPROXY, Helm, Kafka, Kubernetes, Openstack, OpenWRT, and Prometheus. We welcome you to spend some time talking to and learning from these experts in the technical community during the Technical Showcase in the Atrium Monday – Wednesday.

For the first time, the LFN Booth will feature the demo “OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) in Action” where visitors can learn about the three verification tracks—NFVI, VNFs based on requirements from the ONAP community, and test labs. Through OVP, CSPs can accelerate time to deployment for new network services, improve interoperability and software quality, and reduce in-house testing and costs, while vendors improve time to revenue for new product offerings, achieve greater alignment with customer requirements, and demonstrate product quality.

Listed below is the full networking demo lineup, and you can read detailed descriptions of each demo here.

  • TransportPCE: SDN controller and simulators for WDM optical networks (OpenDaylight,, Open ROADM, Presented by Orange,
  • Baremetal deployment with XCI (OPNFV) Presented by SUSE and Ericsson
  • Closed Loop Automation: Self-healing, Infrastructure Resiliency & Maintenance (OPNFV, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Collectd, Prometheus, Kafka, mcelog) Presented by Intel and Nokia
  • OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) in Action (ONAP, OPNFV) Presented by Aarna Networks, China Mobile, Huawei, Intel, Vodafone, VoerEir
  • CTNet2025 Intent-Based Network (ONAP, OpenDaylight) Presented by China Telecom
  • Policy Goes Mainstream in ONAP, Leveraging TOSCA and Kubernetes (ONAP) Presented by AT&T and Ericsson
  • Application Oriented on-demand 5G Slice Service Provisioning by ONAP (ONAP) Presented by China Mobile, Tencent, Huawei
  • DPDK-based CNI Support Using Integrated Tungsten Fabric – VPP Solution (Tungsten Fabric, DPDK,, Kubernetes) Presented by ATS
  • OPX: Your Way to Build Composable Networks (OpenSwitch, Free Range Routing), Presented by Dell Technologies
  • Cloud-native Network Data Analytics with PNDA (PNDA, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, CNCF Kubernetes, CNCF Prometheus, Helm) Presented by Gradiant and Cisco
  • AI Controller System based on Reliably Forecasting Resource Usage (ONAP, Acumos) Presented by China Mobile, QCT, & Astri
  • Integrating Kubernetes CNFs and OpenStack VNFs with Tungsten Fabric (Tungsten Fabric (LFN) Kubernetes OpenStack OpenWRT HAProxy) Presented by Codilime

We hope to see you at the show! Register today!

Note: Hall Passes and Day passes are available for just $275 and $600 respectively and LF members get an additional discount. Please email with any questions.