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The ONAP community is excited to announce its 12th release, ONAP London. ONAP is an open-source project containing a set of autonomous components for orchestration, management, and automation of network and edge computing services for network operators, cloud providers, and enterprises. The components are designed by self-organizing projects that evolve in dialogue with code consumers, and adhere to ONAP’s global requirements and best practices. Even greater value is gained from bundling the components into packages guided by use cases.

New release brings more O-RAN integration, CNF orchestration improvements, and intent-driven closed-loop autonomous networks

ONAP is an industry collaboration to define, describe and evolve a reference architecture for real-time, policy-driven or intent-driven orchestration, management, and automation of physical, virtual, and cloud-native network functions. The project wrapped up the work required to deliver an improved software package that includes many new features and enhancements to existing ones with contributions from a wide variety of network operators, equipment vendors, and systems integrators.

ONAP continues to be the leading open source initiative for innovation in network management and orchestration. “We completed an ONAP consumers feedback review and started simplification efforts to reduce and optimize release processes.” said Paweł Pawlak, ONAP TSC and SECCOM chair “We concentrated our efforts on prioritizing on what is valuable for ONAP consumers. ONAP’s evolution, definition and mission statement were refreshed to reflect our community goals. Finally we did some housekeeping for the projects not participating in the release”

Included features and functionalities

The London release is focused on further O-RAN integration, Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNF) orchestration improvements, and intent-driven closed-loop autonomous networks.
In addition to these core features, this release includes:

  • Support for 3GPP 28.532 based APIs in NSSMF for network slicing with a focus on RAN slicing;
  • Support for 3GPP 28.582 APIs for the network slicing use case;
  • ASD-based CNF package onboarding and lifecycle orchestration;
  • Improvements to CLAMP automation composition management (ACM), metadata driven API generation and improved metrics and SLAs as well as testing;
  • Enhancements for configuration management notification from O-RAN network functions over O1 interface but also A1 policy and platform enhancements from CCSDK;
  • Support for constraints, UI support for view/edit/import data types;
  • Increased support for TOSCA functions and removed need for USER_ID cookie and header;
  • Cell and Neighbour objects in the inventory domain.

In addition, “Production” ONAP setup and removal of unsupported components (e.g., AAF, Portal, Contrib, etc.) was achieved in the ONAP Operations Manager as well as an update of component helm charts to use common templates and practices. ONAP London also introduces Kubernetes Operators for Cassandra (k8ssandra-operator) to support the latest Cassandra version (optional for London) and Keycloak.

Looking forward

The ONAP community is now working to redefine the ONAP solution with disaggregation. Our next release, “Montreal” will bring more exciting new features, so stay tuned for the future releases!

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