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Network Aware Apps With CAMARA

The Linux Foundation Networking is collaborating with the CAMARA open source project, GSMA and TM Forum to help develop the ecosystem for network APIs and published a white paper to help operators and enterprises develop network aware apps with CAMARA and the GSMA’s Open Gateway project.

Network aware apps increase flexibility

The GSMA Open Gateway and CAMARA projects aim to provide API-level access to operator networks for developers. The Open Gateway NaaS architecture allows for the exposure and monetization of telco capabilities, benefiting both CSPs and third-party service providers. The use of industry standards (such as TM Forum’s Open API program), open source development methods and ecosystem promotes enterprise and operator adoption.

The CAMARA and GSMA Open Gateway projects

CAMARA was launched in 2022 and has broad market appeal for various industry stakeholders including vendors, CSPs, hyperscalers, solution integrators, and end-users/customers. The project was created to define, develop, and validate Telco network APIs. The APIs are developer-oriented, globally accessible, and user-friendly, and are divided into service APIs and service management APIs. Service APIs provide purpose-specific capabilities, while service management APIs allow developers to perform management functions within their applications. These APIs also offer programmable access to operation, administration, and management (OAM) capabilities. Technology-specific APIs are a set of APIs internal to the operator that provide access to telco infrastructure, network, service, and IT capabilities.

Network Aware Apps With CAMARA

The GSMA Open Gateway NaaS system architecture was announced at MWC Barcelona in 2023 and consists of a framework of common network APIs designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers. The architecture includes different relationship models such as aggregation, federation, and marketplace models.

CAMARA is part of the Linux Foundation. The Open Gateway Project is a GSMA initiative supported by 25 mobile network operators.

Joint white paper

Network Aware Apps With CAMARA

The GSMA, TMForum, CAMARA and LF Networking published a white paper entitled, “The Ecosystem for Open Gateway NaaS API Development” (available for download on LF Networking’s website), to discuss how and why network aware apps with CAMARA can be brought to market.

The Open Gateway NaaS architecture is introduced in this white paper, highlighting the demarcation points and explaining how different stakeholders contribute to the ecosystem. Open Gateway allows operators to expose and monetize Telco capabilities to third-party app developers through APIs. This enables the integration of the network with third-party applications and facilitates frictionless interactions between them. CSPs can generate new revenue streams and better monetize their investments in fiber, edge computing, and 5G. Third parties benefit from accessing new capabilities and providing enhanced user experiences in the digital ecosystem.

About The Linux Foundation Networking and CAMARA

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