The Linux Foundation Projects
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This whitepaper, prepared by a Working Group of the LFN Technical Advisory Council (TAC), is intended for anyone who is interested in the intersection of modern network design and the open source networking project landscape. System architects, developers, product and project managers, network operators, system integrators, and more should all find useful information here that will help better understand the state-of-the-art in networking technology and determine how the LF Networking (LFN) projects from the Linux Foundation may be used as building blocks for modern networks.

This document does not intend to prescribe the “right” solution for building a network. There is more than one way of doing that and it all depends on the network designer’s preferences and available resources. Instead, we try to introduce the capabilities of each LFN project and suggest potential ways they can be used in harmony. One of the goals of this whitepaper is to solicit engagement from potential users and contributors to the LFN projects. You are strongly encouraged to share your insights and thoughts with the LFN community on this document as well as on any of the projects themselves. Email any questions or comments to