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The Anuket Orinoco release is the latest version of Anuket, the Linux Foundation Networking Cloud Native Infrastructure modeling and testing project. Read on to find out what’s new.

Anuket Orinoco Release

So, what specifically have we achieved with Orinoco? The Anuket community is proud to include updates to the reference model (RM) and the reference architecture (RA). The Anuket Orinoco release continues to align with certain standards organizations and cross- community integration with Kubernetes, and includes several fixes.

Reference model

The RM contains several changes that benefit the Telecommunications community:

  • The alignment of Anuket and O_RAN enables operators to stand up an internal Telco Cloud that supports both Core and RAN network functions
  • Server hardware architectures that support various security technologies to assist in protecting data in use – a major issue with Operators concerned with the increasing threat of cyber attacks
  • Use of a new socket type (AF_XDP) for high performance packet processing 
  • Metrics that can be used for design optimization, requirements based on ETSI GS NFV-TST 008 V3.5.1

Selected issues addressed in the Orinoco Release include:

Reference architecture 2

The RA2 project focuses on building a Kubernetes based architecture that is now consolidated into the most comprehensive industry wide set of specifications for Kubernetes Telco Cloud. Acceptance as a GSMA standard confirms this status:

  • The K8s release upgrade keeps RA2 aligned with the upstream communities and provides new features and fixes (e.g., IPv6 Dual Stack and Pod Security Admission Controller)
  • The addition of Express Data Path is beneficial to data plane users of Anuket as a Linux-native network acceleration technology

Other specific deliverables

Other specific deliverables in Orinoco include:

  • GSMA Publication – NG.139 document created and submitted to GSMA
  • Update Kubernetes version to 1.26
  • Add Express Data Path (XDP)
  • Fixes: clarify gaps, security requirements

About Anuket

Anuket delivers a common model, standardized reference infrastructure specifications, and conformance and performance frameworks for virtualized and cloud native network functions, enabling faster, more robust onboarding into production, reducing costs and accelerating communications digital transformations. To learn more about Anuket, visit Anuket’s Github repository and Anuket’s website.

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