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LF Networking 2022 Year in Review

LFN is dedicated to creating opportunities and new ways to innovate across the networking industry.

Now in its fifth year as an umbrella organization LF Networking software and projects provide the foundations for network infrastructure and services across service providers, cloud providers, enterprises, vendors, and system integrators that enable rapid interoperability, deployment and adoption.

This detailed report recaps the highlights and achievements of 2022 while offering insights from LFN community leaders on where the project and the open source networking industry is headed in 2023 and beyond.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Events
  • Message from the LF Networking Board
  • LFN Governing Board
  • LFN Members
  • General Manager Update
  • Message from the CTO
  • Strategic Planning Committee Updates
  • Technical Advisory Council Update
  • LFN Project Updates
  • 5G Super Blue Print: Centerpiece of Open Integration
  • Marketing Advisory Council Update
  • Industry Impact


  • Andrew Bringaze

    Andrew Bringaze is the senior developer for The Linux Foundation. With over 10 years of experience his focus is on open source code, WordPress, React, and site security.

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