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By Edward Ting

Along with other significant open source projects, Tungsten Fabric participated in the 2019 Network & Compute Developer’s Conference (NCDC), in Beijing,  to rally community developers in the Greater China region. 

Tungsten Fabric’s booth featured a wall-sized image of TF architecture as well our key “RULE THEM ALL WITH ONE” message. Next to it stood a  giant, stand-up bannerTungsten Fabric banner that traveled 6,000 miles with community member Sukhdev Kapur

Following the morning session on the first day of the event, developers flocked to the booth, many asking what “multicloud multistack SDN” means. After a brief explanation, we invited attendees to join the TF workshop after lunch. And they showed up and filled the room starting at 1:30pm.





Highlights from The TF Workshop

  • Sukhdev Kapur started the workshop with a presentation entitled, “Tungsten Fabric & Akraino SDN and NFV for Edge,” followed by an interactive Q&A session. 
  • Raymond later presented on TF 5.1 features, with impressive animations of use cases showing live traffic and flow, which further demonstrated how TF can “RULE THEM ALL WITH ONE.” 
  • Edward Ting walked through the TF 5.1 community release-building process, from source code to deployment, following the steps documented here: “”The whole 2-hour build-time was condensed to 30 minutes in PPT!
  • The closing panel session featured  Edward Ting as the moderator asking Sukhdev Kapur and Raymond questions about TF. The discussion ranged from ML2 plugin, VXLAN/MPLS tunnels, to VMware & Ubuntu use cases. After this workshop, they plan to try TF 5.1 and hopefully join the community soon.

We consider this a very successful event for the Tungsten Fabric community –  thanks to all who participated, from the TF community, to the event organizers and staff. Kudos for a well-executed event!