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ONAP Doubles-Down on Deployments, Drives Commercial Activity Across Open Source Networking Stack with ‘Dublin’ Release

Jul 9, 2019 In Announcement, ONAP

Continued community expansion and alignment  make ONAP center of gravity among Members, End Users, SIs, Vendors, OSS groups, and SDO organizations  Major blueprints and 5G features focused on global deployments and scale ONAP now plays an integral role in compliance and verification program (OVP) Increased adoption and commercial ecosystem support…

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Introducing Tungsten Fabric 5.1: Security, Feature, and Performance Enhancements for Network Operators & Developers

Jun 11, 2019 In Announcement, TungstenFabric

The Tungsten Fabric (TF) community is excited and proud to announce our latest release, 5.1. The TF community has been hard at work on both community and technical challenges to ensure a rich and vibrant community to solve the toughest networking challenges regardless of public cloud, orchestrator, or workload. The…

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