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By: Szymon Golebiewski (TSC Chair)

I’m pleased to announce that earlier this year, I was elected to be the new TSC Chair for Tungsten Fabric. First, I’d like to thank the outgoing TSC Chair Prabhjot Sethi, who did a great job leading the community and advancing the project. Second, I’d like to congratulate the other TSC Board Members elected last spring that can be seen here.

I’ve been working with Tungsten Fabric now for several years, leading the teams responsible for Contrail Command and Contrail Multicloud, as PTL for Tungsten Fabric documentation, and developing a sense for the possibilities and limitations of open source software development. One of my main objectives is to help grow Tungsten Fabric as a fully transparent open source project.

I’m also excited to announce that the most recent Tungsten Fabric Release, R21.05, was formerly released in May. The release brings many benefits including:

  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.6 3
  • Ironic Support with Juju 3
  • Support for OpenStack Ussuri and Ubuntu Version 20.04 3
  • Support for Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director 16.1 3
  • Support for 4 Byte AS Number

Learn more in the Release Notes seen here. The release of course was a community effort starting in August 2020. Learn more about the release evolution seen here.

We invite you to come work with us on our journey toward a multi cloud and multi-stack future! Get Started here.