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The community has been busy this summer, with three new releases from the Calico-VPP, VPP, and CSIT projects! Big thanks to all the developers, committers, and PTLs involved  – it’s our strong community that keeps the work we’re doing healthy. 

(While the updates include numerous bug fixes, streamlined architectures and new features, these are not major releases and do not contain milestone updates.) 

Read below for more details on what’s new in each release, including links to official Release Notes. 

  • Calico-VPP v3.26.0 Release: – The latest  Calico-VPP release, v3.26.0, includes several new features such as  automated build & integration test, BGP filter support, VPP upgrade to the latest, and others. Bugs –  such as a DNS issue impacting OpenShift, using host IP as default when host port address not provided, etc.  –  are fixed. For a complete list of features and bug fixes included in Calico-VPP v3.26.0, please see the Release notes on GitHub here
  • VPP 23.06 Release – The VPP 23.06 Release includes 24 new features such as an upgraded DPDK plugin to use DPDK 23.03, RDMA driver to use version 45.0, AMD EPYC multi-architecture support, and others. More than 298 commits have been merged since the previous release, including 145 fixes. For a complete list of features and bug fixes, please see the Release notes here
  • CSIT 23.06 Report – The format of CSIT reports has now changed. It is no longer available in the static html format;  instead, current CSIT report information can be found in Previous CSIT releases are also linked from there. The current CSIT report can be found here

Interested in participating in the Fast Data Project ( Check out the resources available here: