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By Jim Baker, technical program manager, LF Networking

We find our 2020 year filled with chaos! 

However, a shining beacon of hope for us at LFN comes from our newest crop of amazing interns this year. I’m personally reminded of my own journey to understanding that the best way to change the world is through action. 

This year, OPNFV found great mentors that led to engaging experiences for 6 different interns from around the world. Our interns have stepped up to create a lingua franca for hardware discovery for pre-install qualification — hardware device validation is a key enabler for automating test and deployment.   Similar contributions by interns were made to the ONAP Project such as test automation, security related to Service Design & Creation and development of a run time catalogue for ETSI telecom specifications.  

This engagement of interns working together within the community to solve real world problems is beneficial to both the learner and our open source partners! We are creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of people contributing their best ideas leading to better outcomes.

It has been years since China Mobile began engaging in the LFN mentor program. Thanks to this program, we’re able to work with many talented young students from across the world,” said Fu Qiao, program manager, China Mobile Research Institute. “We are impressed by their innovation and are excited about the contributions they’re making in this open source community. Hope to have more people join this program to learn and understand open-source, enjoy the open spirit here, and improve themselves.”

Let’s make great things possible by collaborating and engaging new minds in our fields. 

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