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The LFN community is comprised of a diverse set of member organizations that work collaboratively across software and projects to provide platforms and building blocks for Network Infrastructure and Services across Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Enterprises, Vendors, and System Integrators that enable rapid interoperability, deployment, and adoption. This blog series highlights LFN members and the role they play in contributing to open source networking that will benefit the entire ecosystem.

Name: Tufan Orak
Position: Coordinator
Company: ULAK Communications

Please tell us a little about your organization?
ULAK provides end to end broadband communications infrastructure for telecom operators with LTE-A Base Stations as well as SD-WAN and SD-DC solutions, concentrates her efforts heavily on 5G technologies, 5GNR, 5G Core Network, NFV, VNF, MANO, and network virtualization.

Why is your organization adopting an open source approach?
Open-source projects have long proved themselves as sound products. We believe open-source plays a critical role in innovation. ULAK, with a strong focus on R&D, prefers to utilize open-source products where ULAK can get through insight and make a contribution. The open-source community is vibrant and strong and has a lot of expertise where no company can employ by itself.

Why did you join LFN and what sort of impact do you think LFN has on the networking industry?
We are active in 5GS where automation and orchestration are of utmost importance. We believe ONAP is an important project that addresses these needs. Being a part of this community will enable ULAK to follow the technology closely. LFN membership will increase our visibility and help us to leverage our brand in the national and international networking community.

What do you see as the top benefits of being part of the LFN community?
ULAK has a strong interest in the ONAP project. As a member of LFN we expect to reach the right people and resources faster, and form collaborations which will eventually provide us a competitive advantage.

What contributions has your team made (or plans to make) to the community/ecosystem through LFN participation?
ULAK is a young company that employs team members who have contributed to open source projects. We plan to participate in the ONAP project and make our contribution.

What do you think sets LFN apart from other industry alliances?
LFN involves active and high-quality projects that are “working”. LFN ecosystem includes various companies that shape the telecom networking industry. Being a member of this community will help us to collaborate with this ecosystem.

How might LFN help your business?
LFN membership will help us to form collaborations with industry peers and learn from them. Also, LFN membership will increase our visibility and leverage our brand in the community.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the LFN community?
The membership process went so smoothly with the help of the LFN team. We joined the community to get more insight into the projects we are interested in, with active participation. We will provide more advice when we have the experience.