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The L3AF Project announced its release, L3AF R1 (V1.0.0), on November 3, 2022. This marks a milestone for the project as it releases its first multi-cloud, vendor agnostic, eBPF as a Service Orchestration System that provides complete lifecycle management for eBPF programs across multiple clouds.

L3AF eBPF as a Service manages thousands of nodes enabling organizations to change eBPF program configs on the fly with no restart. L3AF provides vital eBPF program management for both User Mode and Kernel Mode eBPF programs with capabilities such as: start/stop/get statistics/chaining of eBPF programs and retrieval of map data.

Led by Walmart, Microsoft and WiPro, L3AF now offers chaining and tail calls managed through the L3AF API for cross-platform, multi-cloud Enterprise OSS. Selected release facts:

  • Added mTLS support to improve security for the l3afd REST configuration API
  • Improved the REST configuration APIs to make it easier to add/remove/re-order eBPF programs
  • Support for multiple eBPF repositories and added support for local file system repositories
  • Several workflow (CI/CD) improvements (CodeQL, OpenSSF scorecard, Dependabot, staticcheck)

For the rest of the changes in v1.0.0 release please see the release notes. L3AF’s traffic mirroring program is coming soon and was previously discussed in a blog post by Walmart on Medium.

To get started with L3AF, visit the Getting Started with L3AF page. Then, get the code and set up your own dev environment using Vagrant or a VM.