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As an operator-led open source community for a next generation network automation platform, ONAP has been committed to the convergence of standards and open source since inception, and has promoted cross-organizational industry cooperation by publishing a series of white papers. Based on the latest version of ONAP Frankfurt, this latest article in the series focuses on solving the core technical issues of the commercial vision of 5G slicing. It analyzes from an industry standards perspective the existing situation of open source implementation and concludes with proposals for future work along this direction.

Network slicing, as defined in the NGMN 5G white paper, refers to “A network slice, namely ’5G slice’, supports the communication service of a particular connection type with a specific way of handling the C- and U-plane for this service”. Its main purpose is to provide differentiated network services, using virtualization and other technologies to provide isolated end-to-end virtual private networks to meet the business needs of specific applications and scenarios, and to ensure the SLA of the business.