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The focus on application infrastructure automation sets EMCO apart from most other orchestrators. EMCO has a broad vision for end-to-end orchestration that includes not only the deployment of complex workloads in a wide range of scenarios, but also automation of the infrastructure needed by such workloads ranging from networking and service mesh to application security. The EMCO 22.06 release takes several steps forward in the supported range of deployment scenarios and in application security.

EMCO 22.06 builds on security and flexibility:

  • Automate the distribution of intermediate CA certificates to edge clusters running the Istio service mesh. These certs enable cross-cluster mTLS communication between microservices. This is a security enhancement for EMCO which also reduces time to deployment and facilitates the enrollment of additional mTLS-enabled clusters.
  • Support external connections to EMCO-deployed apps. . An Authorization API is provided to allow an operator to define, with fine-grained control, access to resources and methods. This extends service access/routing to multi-cluster environments in a secure and configurable way.

And, EMCO 22.06 broadens the range of deployment scenarios it can handle:

  • EMCO can now leverage Google Cloud (via Anthos GitOps) as a target for workloads, as well as the newest version of Azure Arc (using Flux v2). This increases flexibility and resilience for the user/operator by integrating with additional clouds.
  • EMCO can now automatically trigger user-defined workflows at multiple stages of an application’s lifecycle (using Temporal). This is a step towards automation and integration, allowing users/operators to do less outside of EMCO.
  • IPv6 support, a hard requirement/expectation of multiple operators and deployments.

This release reinforces the position of EMCO as a leading open source orchestrator that goes well beyond the basics by orchestrating the infrastructure needs of modern cloud-native applications, including security, in addition to catering to the complex deployment scenarios that they require.

The EMCO community invites you to try out the latest release and join us in shaping the future of cloud-native and multi-cloud orchestration. To learn more about EMCO visit Getting Started with EMCO.

EMCO is a project under the Linux Foundation Networking umbrella.To learn more about the Linux Foundation Networking, please visit and