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Cloud Native Networking Program

The new Cloud Native Networking Program brings telco networking and cloud native thought leaders together to collaborate on industry shift towards digital transformation.

This initiative is aimed at accelerating the adoption of Cloud Native technology for networking (as expressed in documents such as the recent NGMN Cloud Native Manifesto) to meet the needs of both vendors and service providers while avoiding fragmentation and creating a unified conformance program. It will start by building on the work of the existing CNCF CNF Certification, CNF Test Suite, and LF Networking’s Anuket Project. This new Cloud Native Networking initiative will begin with the following (which are built from the CNF Certification, Test Suite, and Anuket project assets):

Certification Program

Building on the foundations of LFN and CNCF certification programs and extending to address the needs of modern Cloud Native Network Functions.

Cloud Native Networking Test Catalog

Creation of a robust testing framework and infrastructure, including functional, non-functional, and end-to-end tests.

Stay tuned for more information!