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Defining The 5G Super Blueprint: Integration, the Open Way

The 5G Super Blueprint has evolved from the early days of the Virtual Central Office to become a cross-project and cross-industry collaboration that shows how open source networking software can be used to deploy 5G networks and infrastructure. This white paper will help readers understand what the 5G Super Blueprint…

LF Networking 2022 Year in Review

Now in its fifth year as an umbrella organization LF Networking software and projects provide the foundations for network infrastructure and services across service providers, cloud providers, enterprises, vendors, and system integrators that enable rapid interoperability, deployment and adoption. This detailed report recaps the highlights and achievements of 2022 while…

Ebook: Network-as-a-Service – A Practical Approach for CSPs to Implement Cloud-Native Multi-Cloud Networks for Enterprises

“If an Enterprise wants to open a new branch office or retail location today, they are faced with a myriad of manual and time-consuming tasks: ordering network transport, provisioning cloud resources nearby, connecting the new location to the Enterprise’s data centers, deploying applications into the branch or nearby cloud locations,…

2021 LFN Year In Review Report

LFN is dedicated to creating opportunities and new ways to innovate across the networking industry. 2021 continued to be a challenging year around the globe, but three Cs (Code, Collaboration, and Connectivity), proved therapeutic for the community to fight global isolation from the pandemic and move the industry forward. Adversity…

Vision 2022: Open Networking & Edge Predictions

By: Arpit Joshipura, GM, Networking, Edge & IOT As we wrap up the second year of living through a global pandemic, I wanted to take a moment to both look ahead to next year, as well as recognize how the open networking and edge industry has shifted over the past…


LF Networking 2023 Annual Report: A Collaboration Hub For New Horizons
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Shared Code, Shared Future: The Rise of Open Source in Networking
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The Ecosystem for Open Gateway NaaS API Development
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2022 LFN Year in Review
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Network-as-a-Service: A Practical Approach for CSPs to Implement Cloud-Native Multi-Cloud Networks for Enterprises
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Securing Open Source 5G from End to End
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Analysys Mason: Cloud Transformation Benchmark 2021 Report
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2021 LFN Year in Review
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