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National Chiao Tung University (NCTU交通大學) hosted an Open Source Networking Day (OSN Day) in Taiwan on December 18th 2020 in one of the few countries where physical events are possible right now! The supporting partners of this event are LF Networking, Edgecore Networks, and EstiNet. The event featured keynote speeches and in-depth technical updates about the state of the industry, the projects of the open source networking stack and their use cases, the business opportunities enabled by network transformation, how to get involved in open source communities, and get connected with industry and academia groups actively involved in open source networking in Taiwan. You can view and download the presentation PDFs below. Learn more about the event here. Learn more about hosting an OSN Days here.

Keynote: State of Open Source Networking and the Edge: Arpit Joshipura | General Manager for Networking, Edge, and IoT

Keynote: Improve 5G Service Time to Market with ONAP: Heather Kirksey, Vice President, Community & Ecosystem Development, The Linux Foundation | Amar Kapadia, Cofounder & CEO, Aarna Networks

Keynote: Challenge to Cross-industry Open Collaboration: Yukio Ito | Chairman, Okinawa Open Laboratory & Senior Vice President, NEC

Keynote: A Journey of Telco Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities: Shih-Che Chien 簡士哲 | Manager, Cloud Computing Lab of Chunghwa Telecom

Tech Talk: Porting an Open Source 5G Core Software into a Time-controlled Linux Container Environment: Mike Chih-Che Lin 林志哲 | President, EstiNet Technologies Inc.

Tech Talk: Productizing Programmable Network Infrastructure: Yi Tseng 曾毅 | Member of Technical Staff, Open Networking Foundation

Tech Talk: Reflection on Open Networking: Chun-Ming Ou 歐俊明 | Networking Engineer, Edgecore Networks

Tech Talk: Open Source Built Private 5G Industrial Network – From Beta to Alpha: Hsu-Tung Chien 簡旭彤 | Associate Project Manager, Alpha Networks

Tech Talk: How Does SONiC Operate On a Programmable Switch?: Howard Hsu 許懷文 | Networking Engineer, Edgecore Networks

Tech Talk: When Cloud Native met with 5G/LTE Private Edge Cloud: HungWei Chiu 邱宏瑋 | Member of Technical Staff, Open Networking Foundation